Revelation is Here & Now; Spiritual Authority is Within

Meet Your Createher

We are interconnected circles, each individual, meeting the other in the centre, forging connection and common ground.

From your sacred space to mine in a:live daily Meditation Circle with Co~CreateHERs from every corner of the world...

May World's open to you in the place where you are... in deep co-creation between personal lived enquiry & co-operative enquiry.

Re-member, Re-sacralize, Re-birth

Let's go deeply IN to the life that's calling us OUT into the World

Would you like to witness and meditate women to women in live sacred space?

Connection Comes in Circles. Creation Comes in Cycles.

Find Your Centre: Meet Your Edge... the feminine way.


Flexible, Flowing, Flourishing.

Put together your own programme of Spiritual Development. Creatively shape a self-directed, lived inquiry of what Sacred means to you.

Each Month will be an organic, alive, feminine free flow - no planning of material, no scheduling or prompting - just the fullest expression of a truly feminine Way Of Being and trust, so much trust in the way of all women who choose to be with their CreateHER.

Trusting that what comes is what's needed.

The beehive of CreateHER, our creative lair, is where you and I will come in creative dates to add honey from our meditation. It will populate with musings and music and moments to ignite, immerse, rally, rest, engage and inspire. Collected with and from the nectar of me+you the wildflower women of the world who connect to eachother and the creative consciousness that we are to inform the way we live.

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As we share in sacred space and meditate from one unified meditation we align with and create a community of co~createhers.

My world needs you and this world needs US.

In my own life the sense of needing to feel held is so great right now and I think so many women feel this spiritual ache too.

What is The Form of Evergreen Feminine Sacred Space?


As Co~CreateHERs we simply show up for each other and ourselves in real time, within our own lives to celebrate in shining our light and sharing our load.

CreateHER is bringing the alchemy of feminine-focused therapeutic listening and spirituality into one potent tincture for soul-care.

[We sift. We shift. We surrender. We shimmer.]

The best bit?

I love that CreateHER will be a place I can come to and see our meditation a:live and well even on the days that I have not been able to hold my own practice. I can reconnect to this, our grid of Co~CreateHERs and take heart from the strength and surrender of witnessing you the spiritual women of the world in contact with your CreateHER.

Equally held, holding and upheld

CreateHER is my vision of what that can be for women who collectivize and hold sacred space in community, like a candle always lit, so that we may maintain & follow the light, trusting that all it takes to let the creative primal power of the Divine work through us is to simply create the conditions for her to shine.

Call in your CreateHER. Summon your soul to the altar of a new dawn in deep co~creation with the circle every day and just imagine what you and we will create!

Join me, I cannot wait to meet you exactly where you are...

If you would love try our monthly subscription for £5 (moving to £25 per month after the first two sessions) you can enjoy Createher along with The Kundalini Coven (a Glasgow women only Kundalini Yoga Circle 4 classes per month + access to live shared sacred space + 1 additional She Of The Wilds event (either a Wild or Full Moon Circle) sign up below.

Yes to Createher + The Kundalini Coven!

All At Once, All Be One!

In Wild Wishes, Clare xxx

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course is Evergreen and is guided by the cycles of the Moon, Women & Creation.
How does the live meditation work?
The live meditation is to ensure that there will be a:live sacred space in CreateHER everyday ~ daily participation is not required but very welcome! It will serve as a container and source of light for your day... Each women of the circle can come forward with the day/time of the month they feel called to share their meditation with your co~createhers.. 24 hours notice is a good window to let everyone know when we should tune in. You simply work from your own time zone and those who can join live will have enough time to prepare. There is no fixed time to meditation although I do encourage mornings! You simply login to our private FB page and Go Live from there. Meditations/rituals may last as long or as short as you like ~ just be sure to let us know a rough timescale so that we can prepare!
How does the subscription work?
You are billed at the beginning of each month! You are free to join or leave at anytime so long as it's before the 30th of the month,
For any other questions...
email: sing@sheofthewilds.com

Your Instructor


I am in perpetual being and becoming ~ i am a songwriter and space holder. I facilitate my work with women through Kundalini Yoga & Person-Centred Therapeutic Listening,

I have been gatHERing myself for quite some time now. Firstly and always through deepening my spiritual practice through Transcendental Meditation and Kundalini Yoga - the yoga of Awareness. And secondly with soulfulness and simplicity in everyday life.

I've realised that songs come through me all day long. That my creativity is dancing along to this sacred music that I for some reason can feel in everything and everyone.

And so my dream is still a:live, it is infused in the connections I make with myself and my children, to my marriage. to you and to the world.

I deeply want to Sing My Soul and to be the sweetest music to your ears. I want to do this with my own music, with shared meditation, with inher voice work and with gatHERing as a community and sharing our soul work and our awakenings.

I want to maintain this sacred song on the good days and the bad. For so long my creative journey has felt isolating and now I see that this was why I was stuck. I need connection and support and inspiration to share my song with the world. I want to sing to you but more than that I wish for us to sing together in divine harmony as we each come to intimately know and love our inher voice.

In Wild S:ong and with all my love, Clare xxx

This course is not open for enrollment.