The Kundalini CreateHERs

Join me as I move through my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training to support and celebrate my practice and yours!

Find connection and community in our creative and dynamic, flexible, flowing, flourishing Kundalini Yoga Class for Women looking for an embodied Spiritual Practice.

**Classes are donation based with a suggested donation of £7 per session to cover costs and teachings.**

So who is your Createher?

She is the aspect of you that always quietly knows what you need and gently guides you to your truth.

Meet Your Createher in Sacred Space cultivated by the practice of Kundalini Yoga!

We are interconnected circles, each individual, meeting the other in the centre, forging connection and common ground.

Re-member, Re-sacralize, Re-birth

Let's go deeply IN to the life that's calling us OUT into the World

Connection Comes in Circles. Creation Comes in Cycles.

Hold Your Centre: Meet Your Edge... the feminine way!

Wild wishes! Amrita Kirtan x

Your Instructor


I am in perpetual being and becoming ~ i am a songwriter and space holder. I facilitate my work with women through Kundalini Yoga & Person-Centred Therapeutic Listening,

I have been gatHERing myself for quite some time now. Firstly and always through deepening my spiritual practice through Transcendental Meditation and Kundalini Yoga - the yoga of Awareness. And secondly with soulfulness and simplicity in everyday life.

I've realised that songs come through me all day long. That my creativity is dancing along to this sacred music that I for some reason can feel in everything and everyone.

And so my dream is still a:live, it is infused in the connections I make with myself and my children, to my marriage. to you and to the world.

I deeply want to Sing My Soul and to be the sweetest music to your ears. I want to do this with my own music, with shared meditation, with inher voice work and with gatHERing as a community and sharing our soul work and our awakenings.

I want to maintain this sacred song on the good days and the bad. For so long my creative journey has felt isolating and now I see that this was why I was stuck. I need connection and support and inspiration to share my song with the world. I want to sing to you but more than that I wish for us to sing together in divine harmony as we each come to intimately know and love our inher voice.

In Wild S:ong and with all my love, Clare xxx

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